$120.00 a Year -- Best Phone Deal In Town!


In a time when every single phone provider has some kind of catch, Skype can save us at last! Since Microsoft bought Skype, it appears they have had their marketing team stirring up some good deals.

So how much do you pay for phone service? If you are using Verizon land line like the kind we have here in southwestern Virginia, they assure you it is only $49.99 a month. But after fees, you'll be pushing it at around $70.00 per month. That's a lot, especially when you consider it's something you can only use at home. That's runs about $840.00 a year. Ouch!

Next best deal: Straight Talk. They have highly attractive mobile phone deals when you are considering their voice plans. If you want a good data provider, look elsewhere, but when it comes to good old-fashioned talking, Straight Talk is a great choice. $45.00 a month gets you unlimited talk, text, and something like 5 or 20 MB of data. If you don't need unlimited, the next best plan is their $30.00 a month plan with 1,000 minutes. That will cap you at $360-450 a year depending on your pre-pay plan.

But hey, say you don't need a mobile phone and land line is just too expensive and the Internet is a given. Then you're in my boat. Well let's review the voice over IP options.

Vonage is perhaps one of the better known providers. Up until recently they were asking for $24.99 a month. That's about $300.00 a year. Now they recently started providing the $11.99 a month plan, which brings the yearly total up to $143.88.

I always liked the idea of Magic Jack, but the only thing that ever prevented me from using it was the need for software on your computer and the need to have the computer on and ready. Scratch.

Beat this deal. GE Digital Cordless Expandable Telephone with a 12-month unlimited US/Canada calling plan and a 12-month online number for $89.99+30.00, $119.99. Welcome to the family, Skype!

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