The ITEC 325 Pages

For my Fall 2010 ITEC 325 Radford University course in PHP and XML development, I turned in some compelling web work. Here are the links to have a look at what I've been doing in school.

Assignment 1

The goal here was to create an "About Me" page as an introduction to the course, and as part of the assignment we had to accept user input and repeat the input as output on the response page.

View page: inforeq.php

View source: inforeq.php

Assignment 2

This assignment was specifically concerning client-side and server-side form validation. We had to display errors whenever invalid input was entered.

View page: crscat_entry.php

View source: crscat_entry.php

Assignment 3

At this point in the course, we were instructed to devise a web site to handle data from MySQL. We had to design and develop both the site and the database, the site had to be data-driven, and had to include create, read, update, and delete interfaces.

View page: gpads.php

View source: gpads.php

Since my original submission deviated from the exact designs, I was asked to build a model closer to the initial concept with less code. That result is provided here as well.

View page (alternate solution): gpa_form.php

View source (alternate solution): gpa_form.php

Assignment 4

This was our only XML assignment, but it investigated XSLT/XPath in the requirement. We had to devise three different XSLT stylesheets to transform an XML view into three different required views using XPath. Not part of the assignment, but to save everyone the trouble of editing the XML file just to change views, I added a fourth stylesheet that imported all three into a single HTML render.

View page: catalog_itec.xml

Download XSL template: catalog.xsl

Download XSL template: crslist.xsl

Download XSL template: conclist.xsl

Download XSL template: conchrslist.xsl

Download CSS stylesheet: catalog.css

View poster: catalog.xsl

Final Exam / Assignment 4 Revisited

The final exam portion that consisted of hands-on work was to devise a DTD for our Assignment 4.

View page: catalog_itec.xml

Download DTD definitions: catalog.dtd